Overview - CDO

Participants who complete the five-month CDO program will be prepared to effectively execute the responsibilities of the chief data officer role, advance the data management agenda, and add significant value to the organization. The CDO program also allows you to expand your professional network by networking with current and past program participants, program faculty members, industry leaders, and subject matter experts.

Dates: October 19, 2021 – March 3, 2022

Cost: $8,500

Preferred Pricing Options

  • George Mason Alumni, employees, or students please call 703-993-8275
  • Government and group rates also available

Delivery: Hybrid – online and in-person at Mason Arlington Campus


"Mason's Chief Data Officer Program brings together data management leaders and thinkers from around the country and the world. This fosters a highly productive dialogue and is a valuable tool for carrying forward effective data management. We were so convinced of the program’s value that we are now collaborating in its teaching.”
— Mike Fleckenstein, Chief Data Strategist at MITRE, CDO ‘19

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Graduates of the CDO Program are able to:

  • Establish and lead the data organization’s data activities as a strategic and aligned business partner.
  • Develop, in concert with senior leadership, a comprehensive strategic data plan with a mission, vision, and specific, measurable goals that are fully aligned with the organization.
  • Effectively and efficiently execute the strategic data plan.
  • Build the necessary infrastructure to integrate data practices into the business.
  • Create and sustain an enabling data-focused ecosystem with conditions to encourage a culture of data-driven understanding and decision making, innovations for data management applications, and value creation.
  • Engage the organization’s leadership team in support of data initiatives at the enterprise level.
  • Lead innovation and change activities by fully leveraging the data asset of the organization

"The CDO is the most senior executive who leads the data vision, mission, and culture across the organization. The CDO is responsible for a firm’s data as an asset, with responsibilities including data governance, data strategy, data quality, data analytics, and data monetization.” - International Society of Chief Data Officers

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