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There are so many available routes to take as you decide which career you want to pursue. Even if you’ve narrowed your search down to working in healthcare, there are still several options in the field to pick from. At Eastern International College, we offer a number of quality educational programs designed to give you the critical thinking skills and hands-on experience needed to thrive in whatever program you choose.

Dental Hygiene Program DH-AAS

Our Dental Hygiene Associate’s Degree program will provide you with knowledge from both classroom and clinical settings so you will be prepared from the start. The curriculum includes a variety of techniques, including:

  • Assessments of oral health and diagnostics
  • Examinations of the head, neck and mouth
  • Exposing and processing dental radiographs
  • Applying sealant and fluoride
  • Fabricating athletic mouth guards

In addition, there will be an emphasis on learning how to create treatment plans focused on good oral health practices and cultivating a high level of patient care. If you’d like to further your education and expand your career opportunities, check out our online Dental Hygiene, B.S., Degree completion program.

Nursing Program ADN-AAS

An Associate’s Degree in Nursing will equip you not only with a deep base of knowledge about the profession, but also provide you with the communication and professional skills required to make patients’ experiences as comfortable as possible. This two-year program utilizes an evidence-based curriculum and a clinical externship component that offers real-life experience. You will be able to work closely with our dedicated faculty members to learn how to create a safe and helpful environment in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

Cardiovascular Technology Program CVT-AAS

Gain knowledge of theoretical, professional and ethical concepts involved with cardiovascular technology in this two-year Associate’s Degree program. Focused on Non-Invasive Adult Echocardiography procedures, you will learn how to provide quality imaging, examine peripheral vascular ailments and record certain physiological and anatomical information. This curriculum will prepare you for a career in the Adult Echocardiography field with involved clinical work experience and critical classroom learning.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program DMS-BS

If you want a well-rounded education with coursework in a variety of subjects while also developing real-world skills that will help you gain employment after college, our Bachelor’s Program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography may be perfect for you. This program will teach you how to correctly conduct sonographic procedures and record physiological information for a physician. There will also be instruction on proper practices in the workplace and how to perform your job ethically and professionally.

Medical Assistant Program MA-AAS

For broad and diverse knowledge of medical health settings, consider receiving an Associate’s Degree in the Medical Assistant Program. Working as a medical assistant in a medical lab, hospital or doctor’s office can provide a valuable experience that will utilize your communication and interpersonal skills, which will be developed over the two-year program. You will also be taught proper professional and ethical conduct and the competencies required to excel in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

Choose the Right Path for You

Eastern International College offers many programs that can help start off your career on the right foot, no matter which path you choose to pursue. In addition to giving you a solid base of knowledge, our career services department will help you prepare for finding a job after graduation. Through one-on-one training, workshops and more, we can provide you with the skills and training needed to reach your career goals.  Contact us or request information about a specific program to learn more about starting your academic journey.

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