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When preparing for a career in diagnostic medical sonography, a bachelor’s of science degree from Eastern International College (EIC) will help you learn innumerable skills. However, in addition to proper medical knowledge, there are other skills that will ensure you enjoy a successful career as a sonographer. For more information on how EIC can help graduates prepare for the real world of ultrasound, contact us today.

A Strong Foundation Begins with Education

Landing a job in the field of DMS begins with a strong medical knowledge and reputable education from an accredited college. EIC thoroughly prepares our students with a strong medical foundation in our DMS program and hones in on the following diagnostic medical sonography skills:

  • A complete anatomical understanding, including correctly identifying major organs
  • Performing sonograms and recording anatomical and physiological information correctly and accurately for interpretation by a physician
  • Attention to detail when assessing injuries, monitoring a developing fetus, visualizing blood flow and detecting illnesses

Development of Professional Skills

While having the proper education and knowledge of the human body is essential, future medical sonographers must also show that they possess the necessary professional skills to be viewed as a long-term addition to any practice. These include:

  • Effective written and oral communication skills, including being able to explain the details of each test to patients
  • Professional and ethical conduct, including cultural sensitivity
  • Full understanding of and adherence to protocols, certification standards and state and federal laws
  • People skills, such as compassion, to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed no matter what they’re going through
  • Physical abilities, including hand-eye coordination, strong vision in dim light, stamina to stand for long periods of time, good manual dexterity and the strength to lift and move patients as needed

Hone Your Skills at EIC

Our B.S. in DMS program provides a student-centered education to ensure graduates leave our campus with the necessary medical and professional skills to excel in the field. By graduation, students will have completed 122 semester credits, with 68 credits dedicated to technical and major coursework. In addition, our faculty remains current in DMS research and theory to bring only the most up-to-date lessons to the classroom. For more information, contact EIC today and schedule a visit at either of our campuses in Jersey City or Belleville.

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