The basic challenge for just about any private school? Increasing enrollment. Below are some strategies to optimize your website, content, and marketing strategy to increase awareness and encourage increased enrollment for your school.


Search engine optimization (SEO) should be the basis of your marketing strategy. Optimizing your website and content through long-tail keywords will help potential students and their parents to find you when they are looking for you by boosting your search engine rankings. A solid SEO strategy will not only focus on keywords but will also be optimized for mobile. Read more tips on how to help your search engine rankings in our blog The Importance of Optimization and How to Improve Your SEO Strategy.


Like SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), also known as PPC and paid search, is an important piece of any marketing strategy to help potential students and parents find your school. While SEO helps organic search, the field is consistently leaning more towards the “pay to play” strategies. The SEM space has many benefits – instead of having to hunt down potential students, they will be able to more easily find you while they are searching. Since they are already searching, that means they’re already engaged and interested, so you are one step closer to increasing your enrollment. One of the benefits is that you’re only charged when your ads are clicked, so any ad that is not clicked is free brand awareness.


Many schools tend to shy away from content marketing like blogs and ebooks because it is time-consuming. However, content is one of the most valuable tools in a marketing toolbox. The main purpose of content is that it establishes the creator as a thought-leader within their industry. In addition, the more quality content your school creates, the better your SEO rankings tend to be. Create engaging and relevant content for your potential students and parents to read, and they will be more likely to continue to return to your website and build a relationship with you.


For educational institutions, social media should be a no-brainer. Seventy-eight percent of the U.S. population has a social media account. The trick for educational institutions is to use social media in a professional and strategic way to reach their potential students and parents. Social is a great channel to use to distribute your content. Social is another strategy that is moving towards the “pay-to-play” trend, but it is a very valuable tool. Through social media, you can target your messages toward specific audiences that live in certain locations, exhibit certain behaviors, or follow certain trends. This allows you to be more strategic in your marketing.


Learning who your target audience is and then targeting them with content, advertisements, and information that they will find valuable is a great tactic to start building trust and loyalty with your audience. We’ve outlined some ideas for display targeting strategies on our blog.

Advance Ohio can help your private school gain an audience base and boost enrollment with a unique and personalized marketing strategy built just for you. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a meeting.