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Ms. Latchmie Ramsaywack, RN is an EIC graduate from the December 2016 class in the the Nursing Program. While in school she maintained excellent attendance and retained a 3.82 cumulative GPA. Ramona, as she likes to be called came to EIC with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Rutgers. Her passion was nursing from the start, but she wanted a strong academic foundation before she started her nursing career.

Ms. Ramsaywack passed her NJ NCLEX successfully her first attempt. With no previous medical experience Ramona was nervous about her job prospects. One year later and Ms. Ramsaywack is a New Jersey Registered Nurse, working at a hospital in the OR and is about to graduate with her Bachelors in Nursing this April 2018.

What are some of her words of wisdom “DO NOT EVER GIVE UP” and “Reach for the stars.” Some of her hobbies include learning new nursing skills, travel and dancing. She enjoys spending time with her family and making sure that those around her feel special. She also takes great pride in caring for her patients.

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