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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assistant career is growing at a faster rate than most other occupations. As a medical assistant, it’s your job to help physicians care for patients and perform various clinical and administrative functions. Those duties vary depending on the branch of medical assisting you choose to pursue. Explore some of the best medical assistant jobs below, and then head over to Eastern International College to enroll in classes and get your journey started.

Medical Coder

While some medical assistants work directly with patients, others, like medical coders, operate a little more behind the scenes. As administrative professionals, medical billers and coders handle charge sheets and submit them to insurance companies for reimbursement. They’re the link between doctors, insurance companies and patients.

Ophthalmologic Medical Technician

As an ophthalmologic medical technician, you’ll assist ophthalmologists and optometrists by performing job duties pertaining to eye care. From diagnostic testing to patient education, you’ll work closely with patients to help correct their vision, as well as treat eye diseases.

Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy is a thriving field because there’s always a need for blood donors. As a phlebotomy tech, you’ll evaluate patients, perform testing, draw blood and handle medical equipment.

Pediatric Medical Assistant

As a pediatric medical assistant, you will be exposed to a wide variety of tasks while working in a pediatrician’s office. Some clinical responsibilities include checking patient’s vitals, drawing blood and administering vaccines. Depending on the setting in which you work, you may also have more administrative duties, like answering phones, scheduling appointments and updating medical records.

Discover All the Best Medical Assistant Jobs

Whether you’re interested in one of the medical assistant fields mentioned above or in a different one, you can get your career started here at Eastern International College. Our Medical Assistant A.A.S. degree program prepares students for an exciting career in many different fields of healthcare. Explore all the degree programs, and contact us today to learn more.

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