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The entire academic career of medical assistant students prepares them with the necessary knowledge to become successful as a medical assistant. But before they can graduate, they must complete a medical assistant externship, one of the most exciting and challenging experiences a student can face. At Eastern International College (EIC), our Medical Assistant-AAS Program  exposes students to a healthcare setting . For more information, contact us today.

What You Can Expect

During a medical assistant externship, students have the valuable experience of working with patients, nurses, doctors or medical assistants. The opportunity also exposes these future medical assistants to different areas of specialty, so graduates have a better idea of which direction they’d like to take their careers. Students can expect the following:

  • Real-life exposure to the material covered in coursework, including vital signs, patient care techniques, phlebotomy, ECG, billing and coding, administration and electronic medical record management in a hospital laboratory and/or private medical practice setting
  • Opportunity to practice and develop the skills necessary to work in the industry after graduation

Lessons Learned

A medical assistant externship will send graduates into the real world with knowledge that is picked up through hands-on experience. There are countless clinical and administrative skills learned during this process that can even be applied to other experiences in life, including:

  • Preparing patients for examinations, which entails explaining procedures, logging vital signs and medical histories, setting up equipment for the doctor and showing compassion
  • Laboratory tasks, such as injecting medications and collecting samples for pathological testing, which must be handled with the utmost attention-to-detail and care
  • Managing supplies, communications and information that instills a lifelong sense of responsibility
  • Scheduling appointments, documenting information and handling insurance and billing claims to prepare the student to be trusted with sensitive data and confidentiality

Career Ready

Upon completing your medical assistant externship, you will have fulfilled our program’s requirements and be prepared to work as an entry level medical assistant in the field. At EIC, the Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assistant Program is committed to providing students with the necessary competencies to excel in their externships and help them feel fully prepared for their careers. To schedule a visit at our Jersey City or Belleville campuses and for more information, reach out to us today.

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