Long Term Care Planning in Syracuse, NY

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HighPoint Advisors, LLC offers the perfect marriage between individualized boutique benefits and the broad range of services usually found at large companies. This personalized service and compassion extend to our long term care planning services. Many individuals require additional support when a debilitating injury or illness leaves them in need. Start saving now to work toward financial confidence.

What is Long Term Care Planning?

Long term care is necessary when someone suffers a serious injury or life-threatening illness. This may refer to supporting this person in their everyday activities, such as bathing and eating, while also managing important tasks such as medical appointments. The daily tasks and support are unique for each individual, but the overall goal is to secure a comfortable lifestyle for ailing patients. While family members bravely care and sacrifice for sick individuals, constant care and medical support from a professional are also typically needed. Those services can be very expensive, and can quickly erode hard-earned wealth. We help our clients evaluate their options so we can determine what type of planning is appropriate.

Long Term Care Versus Health Insurance

While many people assume that health or disability insurance covers long term care, that is unfortunately often not the case. When long term care is needed, the individual and family need to make hard decisions about housing, medicine routines, and financial capabilities. Medicare and Medicaid can help, but they both have limits on what can be covered. There are specific rules that affect each case differently, depending on ailment, hospital stays, and severity of the condition. At HighPoint Advisors, LLC, our experts are well versed in these rules and how to leverage them to get their client’s much-deserved benefits.

Why Choose HighPoint Advisors, LLC?

In a time of great uncertainty or failing health, the last thing a person wants to worry about is financial pitfalls or complex decisions. Our advisors are instrumental in working with an individual’s specific needs to incorporate long term care into a financial plan. Contact us today so we can begin planning for any unexpected surprises sooner than later.

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