Academic Program Assessment at EIC

Welcome! The OIEPA’s Academic Program Assessment website is designed to encourage and sustain a partnership between your program and faculty and my office, minimally, to meet your annual local, professional and/or regional accreditation requirements. This site offers multiple features that, when carried out in cooperation with the OIEPA, will help you meet or exceed these requirements (e.g., organizational management tools, discussions on assessment initiatives, procedural guidelines and related documents that offer step-by-step directions to achieve important tasks, and templates needed to carry out critical assessment activities).

Just click on your department from the list below to acquaint yourself with these features and your program assessment and accreditation (if relevant) requirements. While most programs at EIC are delivered on both campuses, as you will see, there is no need to have separate entry points (i.e., one for Belleville and one for Jersey City). Once you’ve gotten a taste of things to come, and even if you haven’t, please schedule a time to meet with me so, together, we can begin an exciting and rewarding journey of continuous program improvement. You, your program and faculty are never in this alone!

Course & Program-Level Assessment Templates & Documents for All Programs


Assessment Activities Calendar (Program Level)
For Chairs to Complete and Monitor Annually
Curricular Mapping (SLO-to-PO and SLO-to-GELO)
For Faculty to Complete or Update Annually
Course-Level Assessment Report (CLAR)
For Faculty to Complete Each Term
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