Having the best brick, block, tile and veneer is a good foundation in the hardscape business, but if you do not partner with the best in installation, maintenance and repair systems you won’t get far on your projects.. This is why John’s Building Supply has partnered with Ardex in offering the very best solutions for your upcoming job.

Ardex traces its roots to the foundation of the NORWAG-Werke Company in Witten Germany in 1949. Through continued development of industry leading products they soon grew to be a leader in the industry. In 1978 they entered the US marketplace with the worlds first self-leveling cement underlayment Ardex K15. This industry changing product allowed for a faster more efficient solution than was currently available in the marketplace. This spirit and drive for innovation led Ardex to the development of Self Drying technology. Using this technology, Ardex engineered cements were able to cut the cure times dramatically compared to traditional concrete.

Over the last decade Ardex has launched over 100 new products and now offers a fully diverse lineup in the fields of engineered tile and stone products.. From subfloor preparation and waterproofing, uncoupling systems, mortars and grouts, we have the right system for even the most challenging project.

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