Financial Aid at Eastern International College

The Financial Aid Office at Eastern International College works to assist students in finding feasible means for financing their education. Representatives from the Financial Aid Office begin meeting with students during the enrollment process, providing guidance for the student’s application process for aid. As students complete entry requirements for their appropriate program, they meet with the Financial Aid Office (FAO) for one-on-one assistance.

During the initial meeting, a Financial Aid Advisor (FAA) meets with the student to discuss financing options as offered at Eastern International College. Throughout the application process, the student is reminded of the difference between repayable and gift aid.

The Financial Aid Office maintains an open-door policy and is available for student assistance during the enrollment process and throughout their time at EIC. A FAA meets with each student at each new semester registration for an individualized discussion about present and future financing. This policy is maintained throughout the student’s academic career with the College and after graduation.

Are you interested in discussing your financial situation with someone at the college? We want to help students get an education that will help them to secure a reliable and financially profitable job in the future! You can contact our financial services department by calling our Jersey City office or our Belleville office to speak with a financial aid representative today. For assistance, please contact your enrolled campus’ Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid – Jersey City: Call (201) 216-9901

Financial Aid – Belleville: Call (973) 751-9051

The 2020-21 FAFSA will be available in October 2019. Check your email for an alert when it is
online, and see the Financial Aid Office to apply early.

1098T Forms

The College provides 1098T forms showing qualified payments as received during the given fiscal year; all forms are postmarked by January 31 st of the following year. Any student who wishes to use a Tax Identification Number (TIN) instead of their Social Security Number can do so by completing a W9 form and submitting it to their enrolled campus’ Financial Aid Office.