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Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Assessment

Eastern International College’s (EIC’s) Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Assessment (OIEPA) is committed to comprehensive, integrated and sustained program improvement using best practices in curricular assessment and program evaluation. The OIEPA’s multi-dimensional focus flows from EIC’s mission as a student-centered allied health college comprised of professionally accredited, career-oriented, programs of study. College-wide, EIC’s Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science programs continually review their respective missions, objectives and operations, with the aim of improving the quality and effectiveness of the total institution. Outcomes of these activities are evident at all levels of the institution — from the college as a whole, through its individual departments and administrative units — and demonstrate that EIC excels in its mission as a student-centered, allied health, college that prepares its graduates using leading-edge technology grounded in professionally accredited programs of study.

The purpose of this website is to share with the EIC community many of the principles of assessment that inform and guide these efforts and provide documentation, templates and resources needed to carry out curricular assessment and program evaluations.


Assessment at Eastern International College



The central mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Assessment (OIEPA) at EIC is to lead and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement through campus-wide research initiatives, including student learning outcomes assessment, operational program evaluations, and support for all program and institutional accreditation functions of the College. Click on the EIC’s Academic Programs button above to enter our subsite designed to help accomplish this mission.

OIEPA functions as an active partner in fostering engaged and proactive assessment to ensure student success and institutional effectiveness and provide ongoing analysis and research on EIC’s diverse allied health curricula, departments and programs. The OIEPA manages assessment initiatives, acts as a clearinghouse and archive for assessment data, and serves as a resource for departments and faculty for student learning outcomes assessment. In doing so, the OIEPA endeavors to improve the overall educational experience of our students and the many programs that serve our students based on our College’s mission, values and strategic plan.

Institutional assessment at EIC is guided by an annual Action and Assessment Plan carried out through the OIEPA. Each assessment initiative is designed to produce relevant and reliable data for aligning course and curricular content with program outcomes (POs) and general education learning outcomes (GELOs), discipline- or field-specific professional practice standards and innovative, leading-edge, teaching approaches consistent with EIC’s mission and values. All assessment initiatives at EIC have our faculty and staff strive to take full consideration of the different educational and cultural backgrounds of our increasingly diverse student population.

The primary aim of the OIEPA is to cultivate and sustain a practice of institutional research that informs planning, and results in measurable improvements for our students.


OIEPA Core Areas of Investigation

  • Institutional assessment of student learning outcomes
  • General Education program assessment of student learning
  • Program and departmental level curricular assessment
  • Program review and specialized program accreditation support
  • Operational (non-curricular) program evaluation of all campus divisions and services
  • Institutional and discipline-specific professional accreditation support



  • Create a sustainable college climate for assessing student learning outcomes
  • Support and encourage flexible approaches to assessment that are useful, cost­ effective, accurate and truthful, planned and organized, and sustained
  • Provide training and resources to all faculty to fully engage in the curricular assessment and non-curricular program evaluation process
  • Understand and apply assessment results to improve teaching, learning and our students’ success
  • Manage and coordinate college-wide assessment initiatives in ways that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Provide quality program assessment support, resources, and expertise to the EIC community, including both academic programs and student support services
  • Conduct assessment research that informs decision-making and addresses strategic planning issues
  • Provide quality professional development opportunities to assist faculty in conducting effective and meaningful assessment activities
  • Coordinate and/or support all regional and discipline- or field-specific accreditation reporting
  • Align and assess all institutional- and program-level student learning outcomes and initiatives to EIC’s Strategic Plan


OIEPA Objectives

  • To provide the human, financial and physical resources needed to implement a comprehensive, integrated and sustained institutional assessment framework.
  • To foster best practice procedures designed to embed the direct assessment of student learning outcomes into the program development and review process.
  • To provide on-going professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and administrators in all areas pertaining to curricular assessment and non-curricular (i.e., operational) program evaluation.


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