What are the recoils for a FlexPost and FlexBollard?

FlexPost 20% recoil and FlexBollard 10% recoil.

Why are sign brackets beneficial?

Sign brackets are used to stabilize the sign to our round posts therefore preventing wobble from wind. They also eliminate drilling into our round post.

Can a natural ground unit be changed to concrete or asphalt?

Yes, all units are interchangeable. Our patented spring can be used on all models.

What is the warranty on Standard FlexPosts and FlexBollards?

Limited lifetime warranty on the spring from manufacturer’s defects.

What the warranty on FlexPost-XL™ and FlexBollard-XL™ units?

Limited lifetime warranty on the base unit alone.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Our units are virtually maintenance free.

How do your FlexPost units attach using an adhesive anchoring system?

We supply a tube of MasterWeld-948 adhesive. The adhesive sets up quickly on to concrete only. This allows the FlexPost products to be installed in high rise parking structures or bridges.

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